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January 2024 PARTS LIST

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Ref Item Original ref.  Unit of issue Price

Tailored Carpet Set with fittings - Maroon/Green/Grey/Black.

Set £223.95
UT02 Headlining Set - Fully sewn Cloth Beige or Light Grey Set £166.00
UT03 Headlining Set - Fully sewn PVC White Set £166.00
UT04 Door Aperture Seal + Fixing Clips - Woven with Rubber Seal
incorporated - Red/Green/Grey/Black
Set £167.84
UT05 Boot Floor Mat - Tailored/Bound edges - Light Grey Each £56.70
UT06 Door Cards + Clips - Maroon/Green/Grey/Black/Biscuit Set POA
UT07 Front Door Cord Pulls (EXCHANGE)
Pair £55.00
UT08 Clock Surround ADH483 Each £12.00
UT09 Metal Fasteners for Exterior Waist Rail Chrome Trim ADH2843 Set £12.00
UT10 'T' Plate Fasteners for Exterior Varitone Chrome Trim Each £0.47
UT11 Door card Spring Clip Each £0.24
UT12 Door card Spring Clip Backing Plate Each £0.53
UT13 Wing Mirrors - Round, Stainless+Chrome (convex glass) Pair £31.68
UT14 Chassis Plate, ZA or ZB Each £14.00
UT15 Patents Plate for Bulkhead Each £6.50
UT16 Piping - Grille to Bonnet. Maroon/Green/Grey/Black Each £6.48
UT17 Piping - Wing outer to inner. Maroon/Green/Grey/Black Pair


UT18 Piping - Wing to Valance. Maroon/Green/Grey/Black Pair £4.32
UT19 Glove Box ADH5554 Each £77.61


Ref Item Unit of issue Price
RM01 Air Vent Drain Hose - Early (1 required) 139987 Each £7.25
RM02 Air Vent Drain Hose - Late (2 required) ADC 1898 Pair £14.50
RM03 Air Duct Hose - Heater Motor to Heater ADB 4540 Each £18.72
RM03A Air Duct Hose - Heater to Demister Vent Each £9.40
RM04 Air Vent Control Lever Rubber Handle Grip 185888 Each £4.50
RM05 Air Vent lid Seal Each £2.00
RM06 Bonnet Hinge Gaskets Pair £2.00
RM07 Boot Lid Seal (attaches to Boot Lid) Each £21.50
RM08 Boot Lid Aperture Edge Finisher (self gripping) Each £10.58
RM09 Bulkhead Grommet Set (19 pieces 1/2" to 13/8", available
individually on request)
Set £14.95
RM10 Buffers - Top of Front Wing to Bonnet ADH 2600 Pair £16.00
RM11 'D' Plate Rubbers - Wedges for Bonnet Centering 186727 Pair £9.50
RM12 Front Wing Splash Plate Rubber Seals (including rivets) Pair £11.00
RM13 Headlamp Bowl to Front Wing Seal Each £5.00
RM14 Headlamp Rim Dust Seal Each £4.00
RM15 Heater Motor to Bulkhead Seal 184821 Each £18.00
RM16 Heater Air Duct Hose Grommet (through bulkhead) 184649 Each £16.00
RM17 Overrider to Bumper Beading Set £4.50
RM18 Oil Gauge Pipe - Flexi Joiner/Clips/Grommet AEA 5420 Each £3.50
RM19 Pad - Battery Clamp to Battery 184200 Pair £16.50
RM20 Pedal Rubbers - Original 'ribbed' Pattern Pair £24.46
RM21 Pedal Rubbers - 'Holdtite' Brand Pair £10.50
RM22 Pedal Rubber - ZA Throttle Pedal Each £2.50
RM23 Petrol Filler Flap Grommets (flap to body) 2H8041 Pair £2.00
RM24 Rear Bumper Iron to Body Grommet - ZA 186060 Each £16.20
RM25 Rear Bumper Iron to Body Grommet - ZB ACH8372 Each £17.58
RM26 Rear Bumper to Rear Wing Grommet 186064 Each £8.00
RM28 Rubber Buffer on Bonnet (for centering) ADH2492 Pair £17.40


Ref Item Original ref. Unit of issue Price
LE01 Side Light - ZA/ZB Front Each £42.90
LE02 Side Light/Indicator - Varitone Front Each £18.00
LE03 Side Light Rubber Body only - ZA/ZB Each £5.00
LE04 Side Light/Indicator Rubber Body only - Varitone Each £5.00
LE05 Dip Switch - Headlamps Each £33.90
LE06 Headlamp Backing Bowl - Metal (Including adjusters) Each £19.70
LE07 Indicator Flasher Unit ACG5086 Each £14.00
LE08 Flasher Relay - ZB Varitone 8-way 3H1454 Each £75.00
LE09 Trafficator - Orange Lens Each £10.89
LE10 Trafficator - Stainless Steel Cover Each £7.66
LE11 Trafficator - Bulb Each £1.95
LE12 Brake Light Switch Each £12.00
LE13 Reversing Light Switch Each £25.00
LE14 Reverse/Number Plate Lamp Each £151.24
LE15 Green Filter for Speedometer main light Each £5.75
LE16 Rear Indicator Light Plinth for Lucas L539 Each £12.00
LE17 Number Plate Bulb Each £0.75
LE18 Interior Light Bulb Each £1.30
LE19 Dashboard Panel Light Bulb (3) Each £1.20
LE20 Dashboard Panel - Main Illumination (1) Each £1.20
LE21 Ignition Warning Light Bulb Each £1.20
LE22 Headlamp Main Beam Warning Light Bulb Each £1.20


Ref Item Original ref. Unit of issue Price
DF01 Arrowhead Rubber (Modern replacement 'D' shaped in cross-section Set £54.25
DF02 Window Channel Felt Inserts Set £63.75
DF03 Door Glass Weather Strips (pre-punched, including clips) Set £38.00
DF04 Front Quarter-light Seals - Curved Section Each £63.50
DF04A Front Quarter-light Seals - Vertical Section Each £7.26
DF05 Rear Quarter-light Seals - Curved Section Each £12.00
DF05A Rear Quarter-light Seals - Vertical Section Each £6.86
DF06 Front Quarter-light - Glass to Frame Glazing Strip ARA765 Each £3.95
DF07 Door Handle Gaskets - Exterior Set £5.50
DF08 Door Check Strap - Rubber Buffer 301475 Set £4.00
DF09 Door Check Strap - Clevis Pin (to replace original Rivet) Each £1.25
DF10 Metal Regulator Channel - Base of Door Drop Glass Each £31.36
DF11 Rear Quarter Light - Metal Frame 184473 Each £12.00
DF12 Rubber Seal on Rear Door to Wheel Arch ADH477 Each £5.38


Ref Item Original ref. Unit of issue Price
SR01 Windscreen Rubber & Plastic Chrome Filler (Will NOT take original stainless trim) Each £38.50
SR01A Joining Piece for trim above. NOT suitable for original stainless steel trim Each £3.88
SR02 Rear Screen Rubber - ZA/ZB (For original stainless trim) Each £45.14
SR03 Rear Screen Rubber - Varitone (Either original stainless trim or plastic chrome filler) Each £40.00
SR04 Laminated Windscreen Each £321.40
SR05 Windscreen Demister Hoses ADH2772/ADH5575 Pair £10.45


Ref Item Original ref. Unit of issue Price
EF01 Fuel Pump - SU Dual-polarity Electric Each £165.31
EF02 Fuel Line - ZA Carbs to Tank (Copper-Nickel, fitted ends)  ACH5256 Each £32.00
EF03 Fuel Line - ZB Carbs to Tank (Copper-Nickel, fitted ends)  ACH8704 Each £35.00
EF04 Braided Fuel Hoses - Fuel Pump ACH5329 Pair £20.88
EF05 Braided Fuel Hose - Main fuel line to carbs 54348 Each £16.42
EF06 Braided Fuel Hose - Carb to Carb ACH89877 Each £22.16
EF07 Carburettor Needle 1 1/4 Carbs (Standard "GM") Each £14.55
EF08 Carburettor Needle 1 1/2 Carbs (Standard "EQ") Each £14.55
EF09 Carburettor Jet  - Standard AUC8182 Each £12.53
EF09A Gasket - Float Chamber Lid AUC1147 Each £1.13
EF10 Gasket Pack - 1 1/4 Carbs Each £15.01
EF10A Gasket - Carb Body to Inlet Duct - ZA ACH5326 Each £1.66
EF11 Gasket Pack - 1 1/2 Carbs Each £15.01
EF11A Gasket - Carb Body to Inlet Duct - ZB AEC383 Each £1.66
EF12 Float Chamber Needle+Seat Assembly (Viton-tipped) Each £20.29
EF13 Fibre Washer for Banjo AUC2141 Each £0.73
EF13A Aluminium Washer for Banjo Each £0.88
EF14 Throttle Spindle Brass Bush ACH9004 Each £17.12
EF15 Grommet for above RFN105 Each £1.00
EF16 Spring - Throttle Pedal return 81297 Each £20.70
EF17 Carburettor Heatshields - ZA (modern replacement) Pair £19.20
EF18 Air Cleaner to Inlet Duct Grommet - 1 1/4 Carbs ACH5669 Each £5.50
EF19 Air Cleaner to Inlet Duct Grommet - 1 1/2 Carbs ACH8467 Each £11.50
EF20 Air Cleaner to Mounting Bracket Grommet - ZB ACH5965 Each £1.50
EF21 Fuel Pump Points AUA6020 Set £12.89
EF22 Fuel Tank to Sender-Unit Gasket - Cork ACB5468 Each £2.00
EF22A Fuel Tank to Sender - Unit Gasket - Viton Each £5.21
EF23 Hose - Air Cleaner to Rocker Cover - ZA ACH5452 Each £3.50
EF24 Hose - Air Cleaner to Rocker Cover - ZB ACH5591 Each £6.50
EF25 Hose - Fuel Filler Flap Box Drain 184364 Each £3.75
EF26 Fuel Filler Cap Seal 195635 Each £4.25
EF27 Float Chamber Float - Modern "Stay-Up" version Each £29.90
EF28 Float Chamber Float - Standard Brass Each £24.95
EF29 Fuel Line - Tank to Pump ACH5260 Each £38.02
EF30 Hose - Fuel Filler to Tank ACG5226 Each £11.73
EF31 Grommet - Holding Up Bolt on Float Chamber AUC1334 Set (4) £7.96
EF32 Accelerator Linkage - Ball Joint ACB5311 Each £13.13
EF33 Choke Control Repair Kit (Inner+Outer Cables) Pair £10.13


Ref Item Unit of issue Price
IE01 Dynamo C39 - Fully reconditioned/guaranteed (EXCHANGE) Each £69.50
IE02 Voltage Regulator Control Box Each £38.50
IE03 Dynamo - Replacement Brushes Pair £5.50
IE04 Starter Motor - Fully Reconditioned/guaranteed (EXCHANGE) Each £49.50
IE05 Starter Motor - Replacement Brushes Set £6.00
IE06 Battery Cable Set - Original spec (please state pos/neg earth) Pair £18.35
IE07 Starter Solenoid 3H852 Each £33.00
IE08 Starter Solenoid - Rubber Button for end Each £1.50
IE09 Starter Solenoid - Terminal Rubber Boot (original spec) BCA4326 Pair £7.00
IE10 Distributor Cap - Side Entry Leads Each £20.70
IE11 Contact Breaker Points - Early 2-screw Set £10.49
IE12 Contact Breaker Points - Later Set £8.63
IE13 Rotor Arm - "Red" UK made Each £6.48
IE14 Condenser Each £6.90
IE15 Distributor low-tension lead Each £11.22
IE16 Distributor oil pad Each £0.30
IE17 Ignition Coil + Bracket - Screw-in HT Lead (Standard) Each £28.30
IE17A Ignition Coil + Bracket - Screw-in HT Lead (3 Year Guarantee) Each £44.85
IE18 Ignition Coil "Flamethrower" top quality resin-filled - lifetime guarantee Each £71.40
IE19 HT Lead Copper-Core 2 metres £6.00
IE20 Spark Plugs Set £12.00
IE21 Spark Plug Caps (suppressed, right-angle) Set £15.80


Ref Item Original ref Unit of issue Price
WW01 Wiper Motor - Fully Reconditioned/Guaranteed (EXCHANGE) Each £107.36
WW02 Brush Set - Wiper Motor (9 piece) Each £7.50
WW03 Wiper Motor Mounting Bracket - early cars Each £11.50
WW04 Wiper Motor Mounting Rubbers + Studs (set of 3) Set £12.87
WW05 Wiper Arm Each £16.06
WW06 Wiper Blade Each £13.55
WW07 Wiper Ferrule - Chrome 185197 Each £10.00
WW08 Wiper Ferrule - Chrome Nut 185925 Each £4.00
WW09 Wiper Ferrule to Body - Rubber Seal 185198 Pair £2.00
WW10 Windscreen Washer Vacuum Pump (EXCHANGE) Each £29.90
WW11 Windscreen Washer Electric Pump (Alternative to above) Each £12.00
WW12 Windscreen Washer Tubing - Black Vacuum Type Set £20.10
WW13 Windscreen Washer Jet - Chrome Each £21.95
WW14 Washer Jet to Body Seal Pair £0.50
WW15 Trico Washer Bottle Lid Each £18.00
WW16 Trico Label Set Each £6.47
WW17 Grommet - Wiper Motor Drive (through bulkhead) 8D5786 Each £3.50


Ref Item Original Ref. Unit of issue Price
EX01 Exhaust - Stainless Steel including S/S Assembly Clamps Each £316.46
EX02 Clamp - Front Pipe to Manifold Each £12.92
EX03 Clamp - Tailpipe to Body Each £9.24
EX06 Straps - Silencer Box to Body ACH5571 Pair £6.54


Ref Item Original Ref. Unit of issue Price
GT01 Gear Lever Gaiter - Round ADH769 Each £12.00
GT02 Gear Lever Gaiter - Oval ADH7762 Each £22.44
GT03 Gearbox Dipstick Cover - Round ACA5300 Each £5.00
GT04 Gearbox Dipstick Cover - Oval ACH8590 Each £12.00
GT05 Gearbox Dust Cover with insert 2A3076 Each £4.50
GT06 Speedometer Cable (LHD & RHD) Each £35.91
GT07 Bush - Base of Gearlever (Nylon) 1G3704 Each £3.20
GT08 Gearbox Gasket Set Each £6.00
GT09 Gearbox Mounting 2A305 Each £9.00
GT10 Oil Seal - Front Each £5.00
GT11 Oil Seal - Rear (ZA) Each POA
GT12 Oil Seal - Rear (ZB) Each £8.00
GT13 Layshaft (Uprated) Each £34.65
GT14 Bearing - Layshaft Each £12.00
GT15 Bearing - 1st Motion Shaft Each £24.00
GT16 Bearing - 3rd Motion Shaft Each £22.00
GT17 Syncro Baulk Ring - 2nd Gear (Brass) Each £30.40
GT18 Syncro Baulk Ring - 3rd/4th Gear Each £27.50
GT19 Clutch Cover - Pressure Plate Each £80.00
GT20 Clutch - Driven Plate Each £40.00
GT21 Clutch - Release Bearing Each £12.95
GT22 Spigot Bush - Flywheel 1G765 Each £5.50
GT23 Clutch Slave Cylinder - Resleeved & fully reconditioned (EXCHANGE)
Includes New Seal/Dust Cover and Bleed Nipple
ACH5014 Each £66.95
GT24 Clutch Slave Cylinder - Seal 7H7053 Each £2.93
GT25 Clutch Slave Cylinder - Rubber Dust Cover 301562 Each £2.79
GT26 Clutch Slave Cylinder - Flexible Hose 7H7857 Each £16.66
GT27 Clutch Flexi Hose - Lock Nut 2K8686 Each £1.50
GT28 Clutch Flexi Hose - Lock Washer AJD7630 Each £0.40
GT29 Clutch Flexi Hose - Copper Sealing Washer 3H550 Each £1.00
GT30 Clutch Slave Cylinder - Bleed Nipple 3H554 Each £4.50
GT31 Clutch Pipe - Master Cylinder to Flexi Hose (copper) AJD242 Each £10.00
GT32 Clutch Slave Cylinder Push Rod AJH5011 Each £15.12
Ref Item Unit of issue Price
CS01 ZA Front Door Flash (Chrome-on brass) ADH502/3 Each £22.50
CS02 Spring clip for above ADG504 Each £5.89
CS03 ZA Trim - Front Bumper to Hockey Stick (Stainless) ADH497/8 Each £15.00
CS04 Fog/Spotlamp Mounting Bracket (Chrome on brass) ADH814 Each £35.00
CS05 Headlamp Chrome Rim 17H5147 Each £19.50
CS05A Headlamp Retainer (2-part) 17H5205 Each £20.08
CS06 Hub-cap including MG Motif Each £27.90
CS07 Boot Badge - MG (Chrome, including fixings) Each £16.29
CS09 Boot Light Cover Gasket 184652 Each £5.84
CS10 Bumper Bolt (Chrome) Each £3.01
CS11 Grille Badge MG (Enamel) ARH900 Each £30.60
CS12 Finisher - Rear Number Plate - Stainless ADH5794 Each £15.00
CS13 Rear Bumper Bolt - Blade to Body 186061 Each £13.75


Ref Item Unit of issue Price
BM01 Reproduction workshop manual in high-quality embossed binder Each £56.74
BM02 Reproduction Workshop manual without binder Each £18.50
BM03 Reproduction Service Parts List without binder (lists part refs used on this site) Each £20.50
BM04 Reproduction Hand book  Each £12.75
BM05 "MG Magnette" book by Paul Batho, published 2019 Each £14.99


Ref Item Original Ref. Unit of issue Price
CH01 Radiator - Fully Reconditioned (EXCHANGE) Each £195.00
CH02 Radiator - Top Hose ACH5204 Each £10.00
CH03 Radiator - Bottom Hose ACH5203 Each £10.00
CH04 Hose - Water Pump to Branch Pipe ACH5032 Each £7.00
CH04A Hose - Heater Return to Elbow ACH5038 Each £2.10
CH05 Radiator Cap Each £8.00
CH06 Radiator Drain Tap ARH515 Each £20.53
CH07 Radiator Drain Tap (modern 'butterfly' type) Each £6.93
CH08 Thermostat Housing 12H136 Each £31.68
CH09 Thermostat Gasket Each £2.00
CH10 Thermostat Housing Studs/Nuts/Washers Set £9.00
CH11 Thermostat - 'Summer' Each £8.00
CH12 Thermostat - 'Winter' Each £8.00
CH13 Fan Belt Each £6.63
CH14 Water Pump Each £40.00
CH15 Heater Valve Overhaul Kit including O-ring seal Each £36.08
CH16 Heater Valve to Heater - O-ring seal Each £2.36
CH17 Heater Hose - Right Angled inlet ACH5036 Each £11.47
CH18 Heater Hose - Straight Outlet ACH5037 Each £5.40
CH19 Heater Control Quadrant Decal - Water transfer Each £4.50


Ref Item Unit of issue Price
BR01 Master Cylinder - Resleeved Fully Reconditioned (EXCHANGE) Each £175.00
BR02 Master Cylinder Repair Kit 8 Piece (including Pushrod gaiters) Each £24.15
BR03 Standard Brake Flexi Hose (Front+Rear) Each £17.00
BR03A Stainless Braided Brake Hose (Front+Rear) Each £21.60
BR04 Brake Flexi Hose - Lock Nut 2K8686 Each £1.50
BR05 Brake Flexi Hose - Lock Washer AJD7630 Each £0.40
BR06 Brake Flexi Hose - Copper Sealing Washer 3H2287 Each £1.01
BR07 Brake Shoes (Front+Rear) Axle Set £45.55
BR08 Wheel Cylinder - Front (Lockheed) Each  £28.43
BR09 Wheel Cylinder - Front (Pattern) Each £11.00
BR10 Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit - Front Each £5.00
BR11 Wheel Cylinder Bleed Nipple -  Front Each £3.50
BR12 Wheel Cylinder Screw - Front (Cylinder to Backplate small) 7H7520 Each £1.40
BR13 Wheel Cylinder Screw - Front (Cylinder to Backplate large) 7H7636 Each £0.35
BR14 Wheel Cylinder - Rear (Lockheed) Each £35.56
BR15 Wheel Cylinder - Rear (Pattern) Each £23.33
BR16 Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit - Rear (including rubber boot) Each £13.76
BR17 Wheel Cylinder Bleed Nipple - Rear Each £3.50
BR18 Wheel Cylinder Rubber Boot - Rear 7H7943 Each £8.00
BR19 Beehive Shoe Steady Spring - Rear 301020 Each £3.24
BR20 Wheel Cylinder Copper Sealing Washers - Rear Set £4.04
BR21 Wheel Cylinder Banjo Bolt - Rear BCA4455 Each £10.43
BR22 Wheel Cylinder Brass Banjo - Rear 27H7189 Each £10.88
BR23 Handbrake Cable - LH or RH Each £44.07
BR24 Handbrake Cable - Centre Front to Balance Link Each £22.00
BR25 Handbrake Pull-off Spring ACH5720 Each £11.00
BR28 Handbrake Cable - Clevis Pins Set £6.00
BR27 Brake Drum Retaining Screw Each £0.75
BR26 Master Cylinder Plastic Lid Each £6.25
BR29 Master Cylinder Copper Sealing Washers (Brake+Clutch side) Set £3.03
BR30 Brake Pipe Set - Copper/Nickel + Brass Ends Set £77.84
BR31 Spacer for Master Cylinder Bolt 185796 Pair £20.00
BR32 Brake Shoe 'Snail' Adjuster + Mask 7H7931/7H7930 Each £22.40


Ref Item Original Ref. Unit of issue Price
FS01 Front Shock Absorber (including bushes) Each £40.00
FS02 Front Shock Absorber Bushes Set £12.00
FS03 Front Coil Spring - Early Cars ACH4000 Each £49.14
FS04 Front Coil Spring - Later Cars ACG4008 Each £49.14
FS05 Wishbone Pivot Bar - Suspension Link 195507 Each £73.00
FS06 Wishbone Bushes 184819 Set £14.94
FS07 Swivel Pin Bushes - Top 8G621 Set £11.00
FS08 Swivel Pin Bushes - Bottom 8G622 Set £28.00
FS09 Front Bump Stop Rubber 184348 Each £21.50
FS10 Front Bump Stop Mounting Plate 185636 Each £28.80
FS11 Swivel Pin - Top 185516 Each £12.00
FS12 Swivel Pin Fulcrum - Bottom 184354 Each £24.00
FS13 Front Hub Bearing - Inner ACF4002 Each £21.92
FS14 Front Hub Bearing - Outer ACF4000 Each £13.30
FS15 Front Hub Oil Seal ACF4004 Each £4.36
FS16 Tie Rod Bushes - Front + Rear Set £32.29
FS17 Coil Spring Baseplate ACG4004 Each £64.50
FS18 Shock Absorber - Lower Anchorage Assy Each £45.00
FS19 Rear Tie Rod Cupped Washer 135101 Each £4.99


Ref Item Original Ref. Unit of issue Price
RA01 Rear Shock Absorber (including bushes) Each £40.00
RA02 Rear Shock Absorber Bushes ACB8871 Set £12.00
RA03 Rear Spring Shackle Bushes ACH5400 Set £10.00
RA04 Silent Bloc Bush+Bolt (correct Magnette, not MGA) 184959 Each £11.46
RA05 Saddle Plate ACG5001 Each £4.00
RA06 Saddle Pad ACG5002 Each £2.50
RA07 U-bolt 184448 Each £4.77
RA08 Rear Bump Stop Rubber ACG5000 Each £18.00
RA09 Rear Hub Bearing 2K7477 Each £20.00
RA10 Rear Hub Oil Seal 8G555 Each £3.31
RA11 Half Shaft to Rear Hub Gasket 1G7442 Each £0.60
RA12 Rear Hub O-ring Seal (later cars only) ATB7229 Each £1.40
RA13 'Speedi-Sleeve' easily repairs oil loss from rear hubs
if new oil seal is insufficient due to journal wear
Each £46.66
RA14 Rear Hub Nut - RH Thread 1G7448 Each £15.49
RA15 Rear Hub Nut - LH Thread (later cars) 1G7582 Each £15.49
RA16 Rear Hub - Lock Tab Washer 1G7305 Each £2.59
RA17 Differential Pinion Oil Seal ATA7047 Each £6.00
RA18 Differential Gasket 1G7465 Each £2.50
RA19 Differential Pinion Bearing - Front 2A7213 Each £25.00
RA20 Differential Pinion Bearing - Rear 6K287 Each £30.97
RA21 Propshaft Universal Joint 8G3000 Each £12.00
RA22 Screw - Halfshaft to Hub CM20410 Each £0.75
RA23 Differential Carrier Bearing 2K8938 Each £28.56


Ref Item Original Ref. Unit of issue Price
SS01 Steering Rack Gaiters+Clips Pair £18.00
SS02 Steering Column Felt Bush Pair £4.32
SS03 Steering Rack Mounting Bushes (later cars) ACH6092 Set £8.00
SS04 Steering Column - Rubber Flexi-coupling 184581 Each £17.50
SS05 Track Rod End 9/16 BSF (with grease nipple) Each £16.00
SS06 Track Rod End 5/8 UNF (with grease nipple) Each £15.00
SS07 Track Rod End Rubber Boot Each £5.69
SS08 Steering Column Stator Tube Wiring Kit Each £20.00
SS09 Steering Column Stator Tube - Lower short tube only 138615 Each £16.50
SS10 Steering Column Stator Tube Olive 184572 Each £1.25
SS11 Rubber Seal - Steering Column to Bulkhead (RHD only) 186593 Each £23.23


Ref Item Original Ref. Unit of issue Price
GE01 Wiring Harness - Braided (Full range incl LHD) Each £215.79
GE02 Temperature Gauge Transmitter Unit (solid state) Each £95.00
GE03 Courtesy Light Switch 2A458 Each £8.25
GE04 Fuse Box 1G2613 Each £29.95
GE05 35 Amp Fuse Each £0.75


Ref Item Unit of issue Price
EN01 Engine Mountings Each £10.00
EN02 Oil Filter Each £6.00
EN03 Oil Filter Cannister - Rubber Seal (base) 7H1698 Each £0.85
EN04 Sump Plug Washer - Copper Each £0.55
EN05 Core Plug Each £2.00
EN06 Rocker Cover Stud - Short 51K881 Each £2.65
EN07 Rocker Cover Stud - Long 51K893 Each £2.85
EN08 Rocker Cover Bolt - Rubber Seals 2K8568 Pair £1.50
EN09 Manifolds to Cylinder Head - Studs/Nuts/Washers  Set £12.50
EN10 Oil Filler Cap - Metal Each £10.06
EN11 Head Gasket Each £10.00
EN12 Head Gasket Set Each £28.00
EN13 Sump Gasket Each £3.19
EN14 Sump Gasket Conversion Set Each £18.00
EN15 Timing Chain Each £8.42
EN16 Timing Chain Tensioner Each £10.00
EN17 Timing Chain Cover Gasket Each £4.00
EN18 Timing Chain Cover - Felt Oil Seal Each £4.00
EN19 Timing Chain Cover Seal - Later type Lip Seal Each £5.50
EN20 Oil Pump - for use with Magnette base plate Each £89.70
EN21 Oil Pressure Relief Valve and Spring Each £8.70
EN22 Starter Ring Gear Each £28.00
EN23 Exhaust/Inlet Manifold Gasket Each £5.00
EN24 Rocker Cover Gasket Each £3.50
EN25 Tappet Chest Cover Gaskets Pair £2.50
EN26 Engine Lock Tab Washer Set Set £12.60
EN27 Rocker Shaft 0.005" Oversize Each £19.44
EN28 Tappet Push Rods Set £25.98
EN29 Camshaft Followers Set £50.16
EN30 Drain Tap - Engine Block Each  £20.95
EN31 Big End Bearings (various sizes) Set £70.50
EN32 Main Bearings (various sizes) Set £87.70
EN33 Crank Thrust Washers (various sizes) Set £12.00
EN34 Inlet Valve Each £6.00
EN36 Exhaust Valve Each £9.00
EN36 Exhaust Valve - Stellite Each £23.10
EN37 Inlet Valve Guide - Standard Set £8.00
EN38 Inlet Valve Guide - Silicone Bronze Set £15.00
EN39 Exhaust Valve Guide - Standard Set £6.00
EN40 Exhaust Valve Guide - Silicone Bronze Set £14.46
EN41 Copper Washer - Oil Filter Pipe to Crankcase 6K501 Each £0.61
EN42 Valve Springs (Double) Set £22.20
EN43 Valve Stem Oil Seals - Modern Improved Type Set £8.74
EN44 Sump Adaptor Kit (for 5-bearing MGB engine) Each £155.00
EN45 Lead - Engine to Earth 138649 Each £21.45