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About MG Specialists

We are Lou and John Shorten. We are based in Norfolk, UK, and are the longest standing suppliers of MG 'Z' Magnette parts, with customers in the UK and worldwide. We have experience of all aspects of MG restoration and maintenance.

We are recognised by the MG Car Club and the MG Owners' Club. We have been featured in Safety Fast! and in MG Car Club magazines in Germany, Holland, Japan and USA.

Lou has been a Magnette owner since 1957. She is President of the MG Car Club Z and Farina Magnette Register.

Photo of Lou and John's Magnette

John has been doing total Magnette rebuilds for 30 years, and is a skilled manufacturer of replacement panels and other metal-worked components. Between us, we have completed over 60 total restorations and 40 part-restorations.



We are sorry that, due to the recent high volume of orders, we cannot take any more orders or answer enquiries until further notice. Thank you for your patience

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