MG Specialists Est. 1964
Suppliers of 'Z' Magnette parts worldwide


About MG Specialists

MG Specialists was established by Lou and John Shorten in Lenwade, Norfolk, and supplied 'Z' Magnette parts and restoration services to UK and worldwide customers for 50 years, until Lou sadly passed away in April 2015. The business has been featured in Safety Fast! and in MG Car Club magazines in Germany, Holland, Japan and USA, and Lou and John completed over 60 total restorations and 40 part-restorations.

Lou was a Magnette owner from 1957 and kept the ZA for the rest of her life. She was President of the MG Car Club Magnette Register.

Photo of Lou and John's Magnette

The spares business has now been taken over by Peter Martin, who is also acting as agent for John Shorten in his continued production of repair panels and skilled metalwork. For all orders and enquiries, please contact Peter


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